MCH Consultants counsels in the following areas:.

   •  Alcohol & Drug Misuse/Abuse
   •  Assertiveness Training
   •  Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
   •  Children Suffering /Post Sept. 11
   •  Communication(s) Between Parent & Child
   •  Conflict Resolution
   •  Cultural Diversity & Awareness
   •  Depression & Anxiety
   •  Domestic Violence
   •  Emotional & Physical Abuse
   •  How to Deal With Anger
   •  How Perceptions & Sensation Affect People
   •  Leadership Skills
   •  Male & Female Relationships
   •  Marriage & Family Issues
   •  Music & Adolescent Behavior
   •  Non-Verbal Communication
   •  Procrastination
   •  Psychological Disorders
   •  Self-Defeating Behavior
   •  Self Concept & Self image
   •  Single Parent Households
   •  Stress Management
   •  Test Anxiety, Test Taking & Study Skills
   •  Time Management

Main Area of Specialty

Community Agency Counseling
The significant growth in the number of community counseling and mental health agencies has created a need for professionals who possess excellent counseling skills and sound leadership qualifications. Upon completion of this specialization, graduates will be prepared to assume leadership, administrative, and supervisory roles in community and county mental health centers, substance abuse agencies, family counseling services, juvenile homes, consultation centers, rehabilitation clinics, outpatient and after-care services, and other human services agencies which provide psychological and educative services for their clientele.

This Doctoral program of study has been developed to enhance significantly the skills, attitudes, and competencies students bring into the program. The program is designed to ensure that the student develops (1) an advanced understanding of human behavior, (2) demonstrable counseling expertise with a wide variety of clients in a variety of agency settings, (3) a working knowledge of the full spectrum of the counseling, consultation, and other human support services in the community, (4) administrative and leadership competencies relevant to the design, funding, organization, implementation, and evaluation of community counseling service delivery systems and related programs. A 2,000 hour internship was completed in addition to course work in Community Agency Counseling.

Other Areas of Specialty


Consultation (Psychoeducational) assisted me in developing the skills to utilize the methods of psychological and educational consultation as they are practiced in human service agencies, educational systems, business and industrial settings, and private practice. Consultation was studied from an internal and external frame of reference including analyses of individual, small group and organizational approaches.

Multicultural Counseling
Multicultural Counseling assisted me in developing additional knowledge, awareness, skills, and attitudes for more effective work with culturally different individuals and groups. Expertise in this area has afforded me the opportunity to identify my strengths and areas of enhancement and to respect the dignity and worth of everyone regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Multicultural Counseling places emphasis on similarities and differences among cultures. The similarities are viewed as characteristics which make people human, and differences as those characteristics which make each person or group unique and special.

Substance Abuse (Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse)
This program provided graduate-level professional education for me in the substance abuse field. Varied aspects of effective service delivery such as prevention, community education, program management, clinical supervision, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation were provided. The education displayed a balanced orientation between theory and practice. This multidisciplinary program also assisted me to work more effectively with substance abuse issues and problems on most any level. (Substance Abuse Counseling Credentials were obtained by passing a State exam in Michigan).

MCH Consultants
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