Speaking Engagements

Impact of Domestic Violence from a Psychological Perspective
Domestic violence knows no limits, it can affect anyone anywhere and there are many different forms of domestic violence. This workshop will help you to understand the emotional and physical ramifications of violence in the home and workplace.

The Impact of Adolescence on the Family
This workshop deals with emotional and social development of adolescents within the family structure and its impact.

Adolescence Issues Workshop ("I'm Grown, I Think")
This workshop will inspire and motivate young people to grasp the issues that they encounter on a daily basis, and the transitions and stages of development of adolescent behavior.

Stop the Cycle: Poverty Issues vs. Prosperity Workshop
This workshop deals with poverty as a state of mind rather than monetary gain or loss. This workshop will teach you to be prosperous. "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Matt.21:22

Marriage Retreat: Communication and Prayer Among Couples
This workshop helps couples to effectively communicate by listening actively to their partner. Couples will learn the difference between wants and needs, house hold rules vs. gender roles, intergenerational experiences, and how men and women listen differently.

Parent and Child Relations
This workshop deals with parent-to-parent-to-child relations and specific patterns of behavior and attitudes, learned or acquired, within the family structure and how the different parenting styles have an impact on this process.

The Importance of Leadership in the Business Sector
This seminar defines major areas to consider in leadership administration/ministering in the business sector and how attitudes play a lasting role in employer and employee relationships in the workplace.


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