Message from the President


Welcome to NTLC's web-site! One of the most fundamental aspects of Leadership is to recognize how important it is to change the way we think. "We are what we are because of the way we think." Therefore, we believe the foundation of sound Leadership is derived from the thinking process. It is to this end that we have committed our resources to our mission of inspiring, influencing, and promoting the thinking process.

Yesterday we thought differently than we do today. What will we think tomorrow? At NTLC, we are dedicated to unlocking the leader in you. Our programs offer unique and life-altering opportunities for those who seek to increase their capabality to lead. Our size affords us the flexibility to create and design programs geared toward helping private, nonprofit, and

education sectors.


We invite you to learn more about NTLC by reviewing our website. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Calvin Riley

President and CEO

Nehemiah-The Leadership Company


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