Business Development

NTLC is committed to using innovative ways to reach organizations by influencing the thinking process. We deal with business opportunities ranging from motivational in nature to products that enhance effectiveness. Our creative solutions come from years of experiences changing organizational behaviors, improving processes, coaching, and managing profitability.

Customized services include:

• Leadership Development and Excellence (comprehensive organizational performance improvement     models)
• Coaching Core Competencies – assessment-based development of leadership, individuals, and          their organizations including a rigorous 360 degree documentation process
• Motivational Speaking – inspiring people and groups to achieve new heights
• Shared Values Development
• Team Building / Improving Relations
• Goal Setting
• Relational Workshops and Seminars (teams, groups and individuals.)
• Develop and manage customized programs and execution strategies – we create, document, and         manage programs for organizations
• Professional Consultation and other human support services
• Purpose and Direction Seminars – help individuals to become purpose driven
• Personal Interest and Attitude Workshops – intra / interpersonal skills development while helping   

   participants understand and appreciate differences

Motivational Speaking

Listening Skills Cross-Cultural Communications Team Building
Conflict Management Minority Development Managing Change

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You Are What You Are Because of the Way You Think

Training Topic: Listening Skills
Duration: Half day or full day
Audience: Customized training for managers and employees

Description: The failure to listen is a major cause of poor communication and ineffectiveness in the workplace. The facilitator sharpens participants listening skills by using various exercises and discussions. Participants are taught the essential elements of "effective" communication; the art of active listening; and the importance of constructive dialogue.


• The four stages in learning how to listen
• Advantages and disadvantages of passive listening
• How you can become a better listener
• The rewards of listening

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Training Topic: Cross-Cultural Communications
Duration: Half day or full day
Audience: Customized training for managers and employees

Description: Teamwork is an essential factor in the effective and efficient daily operations of an organization. However, because of the constantly changing demographics of the workplace, the majority of employees possess different problem solving approaches, communication styles and use of feedback and criticism. Many of these differences are rooted in common cultural communication disconnects. This seminar provides participants with an understanding of the different communication methods in an attempt to break through key barriers of communication.


• Examine current inter-office communication dynamics
• Establish basic communication "ground rules"
• Analyze communication roadblocks
• Evaluate biological and sociological gender differences
• Recognize language cues: verbal and non-verbal
• Improve listening skills
• Provide techniques to "get your message across"

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Training Topic: Team Building
Duration: Half day or full day
Audience: Customized training for managers and employees

Description: The synergy that comes from putting employees together into teams to solve problems, make decisions, and take action is power that organizations can harness for greater success. In these increasingly complex, changing times for business and industry, teams can supply more creative solutions for the organizations. With an effective team, "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts." This seminar provides participants a solid working knowledge of teambuilding principles and how they can be applied in the ever-changing workplace.


• Sensitize participants to the issue and need for team building
• Develop an awareness and understanding of the process of change

• Develop the communication and interpersonal skills needed to work in teams
• Sharpen problem solving and decision making skills
• Gain an understanding of the roles of team members and team leaders
• Gain an understanding of the barriers to team building

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Training Topic: Conflict Management
Duration: Half day, full day, or two days
Audience: Customized training for managers and employees

Description: Conflict is a necessary and integral part of effective interpersonal operations. It is the essence of sound decision making because disagreement is the best vehicle for broadening perspectives, discovering alternatives and stimulating creative interaction among members. The effects of disagreement, however, depend on how it is managed by participants. Conflict can be disruptive or it can be constructive. When mismanaged, conflict can destroy a group's effectiveness; when handled well, it can greatly increase the quality of a group's work and make members feel proud of their work in the group. The key to dealing with conflict is to determine a way to resolve the situation before it escalates into a serious problem. This workshop provides different techniques for dealing with conflict in routine work situations.

• Sensitize participants to the reality of conflict and conflict situations
• Clarify the nature of conflict
• When conflict can be a positive force
• When conflict can be a destructive force
• Provide participants with usable skills to help minimize and resolve conflict situations
• Identify the real reasons underlying conflict and get to the root of the problem

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Training Topic: Minority Development
Duration: Half day or full day

Audience: Customized training for managers and employees

Description: Minority Development Program is the process and act of teaching those leadership skills and techniques that are unique to the survival, adjustment, planned growth, and success of minorities in the work place. This program utilizes minority development techniques to help participants to improve their organizational effectiveness and productivity. This program focuses on managerial and interpersonal awareness, management of diversity, recruiting and retention. It also provides an opportunity to recognize corporate norms for leadership behavior and identify the differential consequences that some of these norms have for minorities.


• Enable supervisors to develop advanced tools to effectively manage their employees

• Provide an opportunity to explore organizational culture and its effect on productivity
• Define and explore real issues in the organization
• Decide feasible and realistic necessary changes within the organization

• Develop action plans on how to change the present situation
• Begin the process of development in a diverse work environment
• Provide customized training and professional development to the employee

• Clarify career and life goals

• Build relationships between the employee and direct supervisor in an attempt to develop a mutual        understanding of priorities and expectations
• Educate management and employees about the diversity of communication styles among ethnic        


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Training Topic: Managing Change
Duration: Half day to Three days
Audience: Customized training for managers and employees

Description: Managing change can be a critical factor in the success of an organization. This workshop focuses on helping participants devise a personal change/transition strategy to manage and deal with various forms of change such as, downsizing or reorganization, in the workforce. This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to examine how they deal with change in their personal lives and as employees. 


• Identify the sources of change
• Recognize different responses to change
• Discuss the implications of changes external to the organization

• Discuss the need for internal changes
• Develop strategies for prevailing in change

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