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Business Challenge – Lack of Direction

Professors in the School of Business at a university were having difficulty building alignment to the strategic direction of the institution. Department heads had differing views of priorities and how they related to the mission. These were in sharp contrast to the Dean’s articulated position. Without alignment, the Business School was destined to fail in meeting the needs of its constituency.

What did we do to resolve this conflict?
NTLC facilitated sessions to help update their vision, mission, and strategies. We took the group through unique processes to help each professor to understand how Shared Values influenced the thinking process in the development common visions. We used several learning instruments to expand thinking.

Impact of the solution
- The executive board recognized the group for developing an outstanding 5-year strategic plan  

    which was interdisciplinary
- An on-going process was established between the department to track critical success factors
- A high level of cooperation between team members was established
- Achieved greater alignment with internal and external customers


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